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Partridge Creek Farm End of Year Campaign

Your donation could directly benefit the people in your community. Hear from your community members below

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There’s more to Ishpeming than meets the eye. There is an organization called Partridge Creek Farm who are not only changing the unattended spaces in Ishpeming into community gardens and a farm but are providing educational opportunities to the community.

So, we are asking you to take the time to read below and meet the actual people of Partridge Creek Farm. By sharing, reading, and giving you could directly benefit and impact the needs of the people in the Ishpeming Community.

"I am so grateful for PCF and all that they are doing for our little community of Ishpeming. I especially appreciate the educational demonstrations that have been on the calendar and are continuing, I've participated in a few already and plan on attending another great demonstration in December. I work for UPCAP & Salvation Army as resource advocate and have referred many of our adult and High School students to your program. I look forward to continuing to work with the amazing staff over at Partridge Creek Farms. Lastly I just want to say that everyone I've referred also has nothing but positive things to say with their experience with PCF."